Get Your House In Order - digital workbook

Product image 1Get Your House In Order - digital workbook
Product image 2Get Your House In Order - digital workbook
Product image 3Get Your House In Order - digital workbook
Product image 4Get Your House In Order - digital workbook

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If the state of your home is chaotic, it's likely you feel chaotic too. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of living in “disorder” when it feels like you spend your days trying to clean rooms, becoming a servant to the things in your home.

We are in an imperative window of time to get our homes in order! Much like when the world is in chaos, it creates dis-order in the hearts of the people. But in the Kingdom of God, the chaos of the world does not govern our hearts, Jesus does.

Likewise, if He governs our homes, we will also have peace in our dwelling place, no matter what is happening outside our home.

The things in your house do not govern you! In bringing order into your home, it will SERVE you to free you up to serve Him! 

As you go through this workbook, do it with the Holy Spirit. Through wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, He will bring divine order as you submit to Him. He is for you, and He is with you!

*This workbook walks you through the process of getting your house in order, from start to finish, room to room, and ends with how to live it out and keep the order (rhythms, etc). 

*This is a digital download and can be printed for your own personal use. Out of the fear of the Lord, please do not share this workbook or your download link once received. Thank you!

*Digital purchases are non-refundable.

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